十大彩票平台 has a long and successful history of educating international students. With students from more than a 26 countries around the world on campus any given semester, you’ll find Hastings and the Midwestern community that surrounds the College a welcoming and diverse place to call home.

We know it’s a difficult decision to move away from home to a different country for your college/university education. But we firmly believe experiencing a different culture is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

在我们位于美国中部的友好和安全的社区和校园, you’ll find academic success and opportunities to experience a multitude of campus activities. 事实上, we have more than 40 student groups and organizations — and all are here to help you meet new people, 体验新事物,培养你的领导能力.

十大彩票平台是该地区顶尖的私立学院之一. With a student-faculty ratio of 13:1 and average class size of just 13 students, our faculty get to know you and have the opportunity to work with you one-on-one to help you succeed.


在ourÂ上查看我们美丽的校园 视频导览网页.

您也可以在我们的网站上安排个性化的虚拟旅行 校园参观页面. These online tours last about an hour and include a one-on-one appointment with the Director of International Programs, 以及你感兴趣领域的教师和活动赞助商.

在十大彩票平台,你将成为你专业的专家. 然而,黑斯廷斯教育的价值远不止于此. 我们提供教学的垫脚石, 咨询, 鼓舞人心的, 支持, guiding and advocating that start you on your way to your degree—and your path in life.


大约有1000名学生和超过 40个专业, 十大彩票平台 is the perfect size to give you the individual attention you appreciate and the education you need to succeed in a career and in life. 我们国家级的教授就是热爱教学!

黑斯廷斯的学生也参与其中 体育运动, band, choir, art, 剧院, clubs andÂ学生会. 我们的学生在学校和教堂做志愿者, 给有需要的人送去食物, 干净的公园, 指导青年队并担任导师. 想看更多? 看看这个视频»

We’ve reimagined our academic calendar and divided a regular 16-week semester into smaller blocks. 在每个时段你只上一到两节课, 哪一种方法能让你更专注于每节课. 你每天都会和教授见面,有更多的时间学习.

你将获得一个学位 +
然而,黑斯廷斯教育的价值超越了你的专业. Our one-on-one mentoring helps you build a path to graduate with a broad academic background. 你的思维会很灵活, 优秀的沟通者, 创造性思考者, able to manage and solve problems and answer the kinds of questions you can’t Google. 这些都是雇主和研究生院想要的技能! 查看我们的专业»

招生 to 十大彩票平台 is based on your secondary grades, exam scores and essay. 没有申请费.

The recommended deadline to apply is April 1 for fall starts and September 1 for spring starts. 这为你获得学生签证留出了时间, 注册课程并登记校园住房.

请注意, you must be at minimum 16 years of age to apply and enroll at 十大彩票平台 as a degree seeking international student.

There are two ways to apply to 十大彩票平台 — and there is no application fee for either option.


完整的aA 通用应用(Common App) online and include 十大彩票平台 as one of the schools to receive your application.

在申请十大彩票平台之后, please send the items below to our our international admissions counselor Kiante斯图尔特 at kiante.stuart@黑斯廷斯.edu.

  • 提供一份正式的、经核证的中学作业副本. 十大彩票平台 requires 下列之一 credential evaluation services:
    • IncredÂ(仅限学生运动员, registering for eligibility through the NAIA Clearinghouse); approximate cost $130 for Clearinghouse and $85 for evaluation
  • 标准化考试成绩from 下列之一:
    • 托福:网考成绩77Â Â(我校代码6270)
    • 雅思:6分或以上
    • ACT综合成绩20+ Â Â(我校代码2456)
    • SAT(仅数学和语言)成绩860+Â Â(我们的学校代码是6270)

十大彩票平台 waives English proficiency requirements if you are from one of the follow countries:

安圭拉岛, 安提瓜和巴布达, 澳大利亚,一个巴哈马群岛, 巴巴多斯, Belize, Bermuda, 博茨瓦纳, 英属印度洋领土, 英属维尔京群岛, Brunei, Canada, 开曼群岛, Cyprus, 多米尼加, 福克兰群岛, Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, 直布罗陀, Grenada, Guyana, India, Ireland, 马尔维纳斯群岛(福克兰群岛), Jamaica, Kenya, 基里巴斯, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Malta, 马绍尔群岛, 毛里求斯, 密克罗尼西亚, 蒙特塞拉特, Namibia, Nauru, 新西兰, Nigeria, 巴基斯坦, Palau, 巴布亚新几内亚, 菲律宾, 塞舌尔, 塞拉利昂, 新加坡, 所罗门岛, 南非, 斯里兰卡, St. 圣基茨和尼维斯. 卢西亚,圣. 文森特和格林纳丁斯, 斯威士兰, 坦桑尼亚, Tonga, 特立尼达和多巴哥, 特克斯和凯科斯群岛, Tuvalu, Uganda, 联合王国, Vanuatu, 梵蒂冈城, 属维尔京群岛, 西萨摩亚, ZambiaÂ和津巴布韦.


We are dedicated to making our education affordable for any student who wants to attend 十大彩票平台. 我们甚至为国际学生提供了一项特别的助学金!

Because international students are valuable contributors to the 十大彩票平台 community, 一旦被录取,你将自动获得15美元的资格,000(美国)国际学生助学金. 该证书可续签四年(总价值为60美元),000美元),并涵盖了很大一部分学费.

International students may also apply for talent or leadership scholarship opportunities. TheseA包括:

  • Art
  • Media
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • 演讲(取证)
  • 体育运动

了解更多关于these 机会.

一旦你被十大彩票平台录取, we’ll email you a 十大彩票平台 Financial Aid Award Notification and your Financial Affidavit.

Your Financial Affidavit will provide your cost of attendance minus any scholarships or grants you have been awarded. You must provide documentation to prove funds are available for at least one full academic year.

你原来的, signed Financial Affidavit and 支持 documentation must be received by 十大彩票平台 before your I-20 will be processed.



十大彩票平台位于美国内布拉斯加州的黑斯廷斯. Hastings a great college town and place to call home while you are at 十大彩票平台. 起源于内布拉斯加州中南部的草原, 你会发现黑斯廷斯是一个25人的进步社区,000 people that takes pride in where it’s been — and is excited about where it’s going.

国际页面地图黑斯廷斯大约2岁.奥马哈以西5小时车程, Nebraska; 6 hours east of Denver, Colorado; and 5 hours northwest of Kansas City, 密苏里州(见ourÂ) mapsÂ(更多). Hastings is considered a rural community and is surrounding by farmland where corn, 种植大豆和小麦. 附近还有许多养牛场. 这是一个美丽的地方,有令人惊叹的日落和开阔的空间.

黑斯廷斯有一家顶级医院, 优秀的博物馆, 电影院, 许多餐馆, entertainmentÂ的地方和几十个企业, 从制造到专业服务.

了解更多关于HastingsÂ的信息 here.



You’ll experience four seasons of weather in Hastings—beautiful and colorful fall, 冬天下雪,气温凉爽, 春天鲜花盛开,阳光明媚,夏天潮湿温暖.

8月,当你搬到校园时,你会发现夏天的天气. It’s often humid with temperatures during the daytime averaging 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius). 秋天气温逐渐下降, 9月份的最高气温为78华氏度/25摄氏度, 10月为64华氏度/18摄氏度,11月为49华氏度/9摄氏度.

Winter months sometimes feature snow (about 29 inches/74cm on average for the year), 还有凉爽的温度. Average high temperatures are 37F/3C in December, 36F/2C in January and 40F/4C in February. 冬季的夜间温度可低至14华氏度/-10摄氏度.

到了春天,白天变长,气温变暖. 绿草归来,花开花落. 三月的平均最高气温为51华氏度,四月为63华氏度,五月为73华氏度.

通过所有的季节变化, you’ll find places and spaces to be with friends while making the most of your time in Hastings.



现在你被十大彩票平台录取了, 你的招生顾问将提供以下步骤的详细信息:

  • Complete your financial aid affidavit sent from the 十大彩票平台 Financial Aid office
  • 申请和安排签证预约(详见签证选项卡)
  • 支付300美元(US)的押金,你可以在网上支付 黑斯廷斯.edu/deposit
  • 选择一个你在网上注册课程的日子
  • 登录你的十大彩票平台邮箱
  • 完成你的校园住房分配
  • 请求 野马的自行车这是一个低成本或免费的自行车租赁项目.
  • 提交健康和免疫(接种)记录 (其中一些可能发生在你的招生门户网站上)

获得签证批准后,寻找飞往内布拉斯加州的航班. 我们建议期望到达:

  • 内布拉斯加州奥马哈(机场代码OMA) -距离校园约95分钟路程
  • 林肯,内布拉斯加州(LNK) -距离校园约60分钟
  • 内布拉斯加州格兰德岛(GRI) -距离校园约30分钟路程

一旦你的票订好了, submit your arrival information in a form shared by your admissions counselor. 完成作业可以帮我们安排你去黑斯廷斯的交通.

曾经被十大彩票平台录取, 及时完成签证申请是很重要的.

  • 要获得签证,请支付SEVIS 1-901费用,您可以登录at www.fmjfee.com
    • The SEVIS fee can be paid using a credit card and completing the online form I-901 accessed by the above website. 这笔钱必须在你去签证预约之前支付.
  • 完成DS-160在线非移民签证申请at ceac.state.gov / genniv
  • Once your have completed these steps, sign up for your visa interview at ceac.state.gov / genniv
    • 不要耽误这次约会. 预约可能需要几周到几个月的时间. 拖延这个可能会耽误你到达美国的时间.

Once you have your visa appointment scheduled, gather materials you will need for the meeting. 这些包括:

  • 你的十大彩票平台录取通知书
  • 形式I-20
  • SEVIS 1-901费用收据
  • 护照
  • 1 - 2 - x 2 -照片

如果您对您的签证或移民身份有其他问题, 请联系Kiante斯图尔特, 国际招生和参与顾问, at kiante.stuart@黑斯廷斯.edu or 402.705.6925 (WhatsApp、电话、短信).



If you have any questions, please contact our Director of International Programs: